Happy New Year

Happy New Year Team Haute!!
I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday season! Last year brought some pretty amazing things for House of Haute. This year will hopefully prove to be even more exciting! So, what can you look forward to? More fashion, more fashion, more fashion, more giveaways, more helpful tips and ideas, and of course more fashion! This year we plan to go deeper and guess who’s coming along for the ride!? You are, you fashionable ball of style! Thank you for being apart of something so special. It just wouldn’t be the same without you! With that being said, if you have some ideas or topics that you’d like to see more of, leave it in the comments section below. We want to hear from you!! Keep it Haute Team Haute! For those of you in need of uplifting keep reading below!
Xo Hauties!
~Toni Duclottni
Note of Inspiration to You: Well 2011 has come and gone, and now off to a fresh start in 2012. Regardless of your New Year Resolutions, I encourage you to focus on making this year a bright one. It’s up to us to make our own change. So whether it be getting that job promotion or losing weight, your outcome weighs heavily on the drive that’s behind your goals. It’s wise to keep your faith and believe in yourself, however just remember, “faith without work, is dead” (meaning: having faith alone and not putting any effort or work behind it, won’t accomplish anything). Here’s wishing you a healthy, happy, successful and prosperous year ahead!

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