5 Ways to Survive Holiday Shopping Madness

Feeling Stressed & Overwhelmed with the
 Pressures of Holiday Shopping?
Follow the tips below to help maintain your sanity.
The stress of holiday shopping can man handle the best of us. Before setting foot out the door, sit down and have a one-on-one conversation with yourself. Prepare mentally for the task at hand. Expect the worse when it comes to dealing with crowds of determined & eager shoppers. If you happen to be going out in a group, make sure you are in agreement on which stores you will be going to.  Lastly, keep in mind the real reason you celebrate the Holiday season to began with.   
1. The Budget | Avoid going over your means
Creating a budget is probably the most important step in keeping it all together. If at all possible stay away from credit cards. You’ll keep the debt to a minimum. Being that money is usually the core of most stress related problems, carefully plan out a specific budget for each person. This brings us to our next tip.  
2. The List | Put everything in writing
It’s best to create a list before you leave home. Figure out everyone that you’ll be shopping for and how many gifts each person will be receiving. Next to each person, write down your pre-planned budgeted amount along with type of gift you’ll be looking for.
 3. The Fashion | Dress comfortably
This will be one of the few times you hear the phrase, “Pass on the Heels” uttered out of the House of Haute™ camp! Hardcore shopping allows no room for high heels of any sort. You’ll definitely regret it. Wearing yoga pants, a cotton warm up or a pair of comfy jeans (not too tight) and a weather appropriate top will help keep your cool while waiting in long check out lines. Avoid wearing too heavy of a coat. It will only get in your way as you are going in and out of the stores and will eventually frustrate you. Carry an over the should purse or no purse at all. Simply carry your cash, I.D. and debit or credit card in a safe pocket. Tennis shoes or Ugg like boots are perfect for the task.
4. The Target | Identify a specific area to shop
During peak times, such as Black Friday, attempt to target a smaller area with more stores so that you aren’t wasting time fighting traffic. Utilize valet services if possible or park in a safe neutral location where you can easily access your vehicle. Remember, if you take your purchases back and forth to your car,  always think safety FIRST. Stay alert, watch your surroundings , and be sure to keep packages out of site if storing them in your vehicle as you continue shopping. 
5. The Mental | Patience is a virtue
If you don’t remember anything else, always keep in my that patience is going to be your best friend. Throughout the hustle and bustle of the shopping madness, most people will be in a rush and leave their patience at home. It’s in your best interest to expect the worst and be prepared to deal with angry shoppers and drivers. 
Don’t become a product of the hostility. Try your best to stay focused and keep close the reason you celebrate each Holiday season. For us here in the House of Haute comp, it’s Christmas, a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Figure out what’s most important to you and use that as your core focus. Enjoy your holidays with family and friends. 

Contributor, Toni Duclottni

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