Runway: New York vs. Dallas

After attending IMG’s Fashion Week in New York last week, it dawned on me just how unfair it was of me to sit in on the fashion shows here in Dallas. Not to take anything away from the local designers, the show production and extreme collections were just not there and resulted in utter disappointment. This is, as I stated, unfair in the sense that New York is the capital of Fashion as far as the States are concerned and the home of broadway theatrical production. How can anyone compete?

To give credit where it is due, The Pin Show was made up of 31 designers, which most where graduating students or newly graduated students of fashion/design industry schools. The few exceptions included the lines of Nha Khanh, Indigo Private Label, and Disco Doli. Another notable was CarmenIris by Carmen Campos. Her designs are strictly for the voluptuous and curvaceous divas. CarmenIris brings sassy and glam to the Haute Ladies of dress sizes 14 and up. I thoroughly enjoyed her collection. She’ll be one to stay on the look out for. The Disco Doli line didn’t stand out because of anything extreme, it simply took you back to the basics of chic and girlie girl. Her focus was on the pin-up era of skirts mixed with soft tanks that celebrate the femininity of a woman’s neckline and shoulders. Nha Khanh will bee a household name in the near future. House of Haute is already a fan of the collection. The Pin Show itself may have not been on the top of it’s game, however stylist, Willie Johnson III most certainly was. He is one of Dallas’ very few top level stylist. His creativity goes beyond the box and outside of the lines. This highly sought after runway coach and stylist is doing it for the “Kids”!

As for Project Runway’s own, Shirin Askari’s debut collection was breath taking and for the most part very strong. Neiman Marcus’s Randi Schwartz and I both agreed that Jackets and Coats are Askari’s strong point. They are structured, tapered and draped with unbelievable lines and precision. According to former classmate Khanh Nguyen, Shirin’s ability to flawlessly design structured coats and jackets is nothing new and was definitely one of her strengths. Her label will definitely make it into House of Haute’s studio 152. The production of Shirin Askari’s debut Collection was presented by The Fashionistas and considering the dynamics of the space they had to work with, I’d say that it was a success from a critics stand point. The projectors and in house video helped pull the effect off. Although, some sort of platform would’ve given it that extra push, all was well and the point was driven home.

Overall, I suppose my encounters weren’t so bad after all. Perhaps we wouldn’t be having this discussion if Fashion Week NYC would’ve been after the Dallas shows and not before.

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