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As we all know I’ve dealt with a bit of a scandal of my own. However, recently the air ways have been flooded with the many rumors and allegations of infidelity reaching from coast to coast and through industry to industry. It was just confirmed this morning that Oscar Award winner Sandra Bullock has in fact split from Husband and Chopper King Jesse James for an alleged sexual relationship with “Tattoo Model” Michelle McGee. Close friend of McGee told US Weekly that the affair had been going on for at least 11 months. Sandra Bullock caught major flack for skipping out on a movie premier in Europe, just days before the release of this information. America’s sweetheart has understandably been in seclusion since the unraveling of this nightmare.

On the flip side of behavior, Mashonda Tifrere the wife of Swizz Beats aka Kasseem Dean, decided to openly express her feelings to Alicia Keys, the alleged mistress of Swizz via “Twitlonger”. The supposed affair has been kept quite for over two years now. J records recording artist and also Alicia Keys label mate, blames the mega star to be the leading source that cause the destruction of the five year marriage. Recently Alicia tweeted random little love notes about the relationship between her and Swizz Beats. Mashonda rightfully so, found them to be disrespectful and out right selfish. It was also reported that Alicia had not responded to any of the numerous attempts that were made by Tifrere in order to discuss the manner like civilized adults.

As a woman that has dealt with infidelity issues in a previous marriage, I can certainly identify with both Sandra Bullock and Mashonda Tifrere wholeheartedly. It is unfortunate that families have to be destroyed and children left scared all because of the “WILLING” and selfish women that aspire to have the benefits and quality of your life without putting in the ground work. The men involved in both of these particular situations, are beyond selfish and without balls if in deed these “allegations” prove to be true. This type of behavior is NOT HAUTE at all!

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