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Become a Team Haute Affiliate


Become a Team Haute Affiliate and make some extra cash! We have officially launched this program, so don’t waste time and signup now.

How Does It Work:

• Each affiliate is given their own discount code to give to their friends, family, followers, etc. The code is used to track your earnings as well as to offer a 15% discount to all the Hauties in your life.
• You will earn 15% of all sales you make!
• The first 20 affiliates to sign up, will make 20% ($3) on all sunglasses purchased with their individual codes.
• As an affiliate you will also be able to use your code to shop for yourself which means you will also get nearly 28% off your own goodies. (All affiliate purchases must be sent to the same address listed on your file or you will not earn back the 15% made from your purchase.



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