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    How to Style Jeans | 1 Pair. 5 Ways.

    I’ve always said that every girl needs a good pair of jeans in her wardrobe. Jeans are extremely versatile. You can mix and match them with pretty much anything. A lot of people make the mistake of only associating jeans with sandals or flats but jeans pair very well with pumps, boots, and high- heeled sneakers. The options are endless. One of our very own House of Haute ladies requested that I do a segment on wearing jeans. I decided to take the challenge! I took my favorite pair of dark jeans and I styled them 5 different ways. My Personal Tip for Maximum Versatility: When shopping for a perfect…

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    Become a Team Haute Affiliate

      Become a Team Haute Affiliate and make some extra cash! We have officially launched this program, so don’t waste time and signup now. How Does It Work: • Each affiliate is given their own discount code to give to their friends, family, followers, etc. The code is used to track your earnings as well as to offer a 15% discount to all the Hauties in your life. • You will earn 15% of all sales you make! • The first 20 affiliates to sign up, will make 20% ($3) on all sunglasses purchased with their individual codes. • As an affiliate you will also be able to use your code to shop for yourself which means you will also…

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    HOH Biggest Giveaway 2013

    Congratulations to the HOH Biggest Giveaway 2013 WINNERS Thank you Team Haute for your continued support. If you didn’t win this time, please know there will be many more opportunities in the future. One day, I will be able to reward everyone for their loyalty. Hang in there with us. Love you and Congrats again to the 11 Winners!!

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    How I Sculpted My Body & Dropped the Weight

      “It’s more than a commitment, it’s a lifestyle change.” Recently I posted a revealing photo on Instagram and Facebook, that somewhat documents my journey to reclaim my body. I realized that after I hit 29, the way my body worked had drastically changed. I could no longer eat whatever I wanted too without having consequences to deal with. While, I’ve never been a “junk food” lover, I have always had a complex palate that I felt the need to satisfy, often. The Struggle is Real While I was 29, I faced not only the challenge of my body changing, but also those pesky work hours of morning news. Waking…

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    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year Team Haute!! I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday season! Last year brought some pretty amazing things for House of Haute. This year will hopefully prove to be even more exciting! So, what can you look forward to? More fashion, more fashion, more fashion, more giveaways, more helpful tips and ideas, and of course more fashion! This year we plan to go deeper and guess who’s coming along for the ride!? You are, you fashionable ball of style! Thank you for being apart of something so special. It just wouldn’t be the same without you! With that being said, if you have some ideas or topics that…

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