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Chic on the Cheap

The Mixed Use Method

It’s no secret that we’re all cutting back more and more these days. For any connoisseur of Fashion, that’s no bueno! Now is the time to use your creativity t have a little fun this season as you add the latest and greatest pieces to your Spring and Summer wardrobe. 

The key to maintaining a masterful chic look this season is to mix and match. Mix the old with the new and the high end with the low end. Then match them up all together to pull off one brilliant wardrobe that’ll last you all season long. When creating a (what I like to call) mixed-use look, first you determine which piece will be your base. Will it be the high end dress and budget friendly pair of shoes? Or will it be the chic on cheap jeans paired with the high end handbag or shoes? There are no rules to creating your own style, just a few simple guidelines you may want to abide by. Keeping these tips in mind will help you successfully pull all of your pieces together.
Creating a Mixed Use Look
1. Identify your high end and low end pieces that you’d like to mix. 
2. High End Dresses mix well with lower end accessories, shoes and/or handbags.
3. Lower End Dresses can really become the shining star when paired with a great pair of shoes and/or an amazing handbag. 
Check out this video for some great budget friendly ideas for this Spring/Summer season. 

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