Dallas’ Ultimate Show in Fashion: Nha Khanh’s Spring 2011 Collection

Nha Khanh… a force to be reckoned with.

Last Wednesday unlocked the vault to the most anticipated runway show of the year that Dallas has ever seen. Designers Khanh Nguyen and Nini Nguyen have successfully proven that opposites do attract. According to the website ( both Khanh and Nini are lovers and students of fashion yet had two very different ideas of what modern wear for a woman should look like. Nini’s very chic and masculine while Khanh’s was very soft and elegant. Combine the two and I introduce to you: Nha Khanh, the fashion industry’s newest force to be reckoned with.

The Venue:
Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center
(Located in the Arts District of Dallas, TX)

The location itself set the tone for the evening. A grand venue fit for a spectacular show. Its unique and very modern design was very much like the designers themselves. Without question this was an appropriate and perfect match.

The Fashion:
(All Photo’s Courtesy of Loc Truong for

My Favorite Look of the Collection

This ever so chic collaboration of sexiness and sophistication hit the runway strong with a jaw dropping reaction from the critics and onlookers alike.  

The sheer back makes that  sexy & bold statement while the feathered like front gives  a modern new meaning to sophistication. This is definitely a ready-to-wear piece that  will make a debut in my own closet.
The Nha Khanh signature without doubt, is the elegance of evening and bridal wear. Their designs aren’t easily rivaled and offer a new face to the modern bride. The Black Velvet Collection from the 2011 line offers an array of functional pieces that will compliment a variety body shapes. From the sleek and seductive to the over-the-top wow statement gowns, the power house duo came through.

 It was quite obvious where Nini Nguyens boldness shone through. The compilation of the 50’s Era and New Aged Contemporary style were merged together and then birth a riveting risque touch to the Spring Collection. Reintroducing the “Hot-Pants” and “Bloomers” was a gamble that definitely payed off.

The petite duo collectively have mastered what has been missing from what Dallas has to offer. A strong touch of class and sass rolled into sophistication pretty much sums up the entire line  along with the experience presented by The Fashionistas  in conjunction with Jan Strimple Productions. The Nha Khanh debut has Officially been stamped House of Haute Approved™.
Check out more photos from the event: 
(All Photo’s Courtesy of Loc Truong for

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