E! Channel’s Dr. Robert Rey from Dr. 90210 is Raw, Flirty and Uncut with Toni Duclottni

On assignment for D210, I spent an entire morning with real life Dr. McDreamy himself. Never in my life have I been so speechless. Dr. Rey literally took my breathe away in a somehow flirty but innocent way. With all do respect to wife Haley Rey, Dr. 90210 has the ability to make any woman feel like she’s on top of the world. We chatted very sexually about his new sensual skin care products that claim to rejuvenate the skin (from fillers to body lifters) with the combination of science and nature’s very own remedies straight out of the Brazilian jungles. I must admit, as flush as he made me feel with his words, Dr. Rey definitely drove the point home: his products are “the” best on the market. After listening to this anything but normal presentation, I was actually convinced to try it myself! Also, last week’s contest winners, DanceDanceChick & SexyLadyMylissa met Dr. Robert Rey as well and spent half the day with me. Check out the video below for this week’s webisode featuring some crazy random clips from my sensual interview courtesy of D210 with the doctor and also some exclusive footage of me hosting “Big Ego Saturday’s” at Kindal’s.

Check Out Some “Behind the Scenes” Footage

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