Haute in the Kitchen: Yummy Turkey Spaghetti

Feeling a little hungry?? Many members of Team Haute have frequently asked questions about the diet and work out regime of House Of Haute’s host, Toni Duclottni. This week you’re invited into the kitchen with Toni to learn how to make some Yummy Turkey Spaghetti and Baked Sweet Potatoes. It’s such a simple and healthy meal that everyone in the family can enjoy. For vegetarian style, simply remove the meat from the recipe. 😉 Connect on Twitter and tweet questions that you may want to ask!

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  • Pat

    Hi Toni,
    I know you probably hear that a lot but I love your videos, you just inspire me to try to harder to be the woman and mother that I want to be… Keep on doing what you are doing! FYI I am doing this recipe tomorow!

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