HOH Goes to New York

Day 1: FFANY Show w/Massimo Dogana

“The Shoes”
House of Haute Bombards New York for the FFANY (Fashion Footwear Association of New York) as a guest of famed Italian shoe designer Massimo Dogana. It’s like the Fashion Week of Fashion Footwear. The experience here is completely orgasmic for fashionistas and shoe lovers alike. The wide range of mostly Italian shoes covers every spectrum of the consumer taste. Wholesalers and retailers mix and mingle to in efforts to “wow” the masses of shoe connoisseurs. Located in the heart of Midtown near Rockefeller Center, the exhibit style show is held at the Hilton New York Conference Center. 

As to be expected, there were many extremely talented designers, but it was the Massimo Dogana Collection that took the entire show by storm for his ultra unique style.  Not many in the overall Footwear industry can even come close to rivaling Dogana’s creativity. Who said that just Diamonds were a girl’s best friends? It’s quite clear that the sparkly Swarovski Crystals are too! At least 1/3 of the Dogana Fall Collection contains some sort of crystal embellishment. So if you’re one of those sparkle Divas, you can refer to this as shoe Heaven! Celebs and music superstars such as R&B singer Ashanti wear these exclusive and one of a kind designs. 
….. And yes, Massimo Dogana is also in the business of making Handbags!
Contributed by Toni Duclottni

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  • Fire

    OMG! I would have died and gone to heaven Massimo showed his behind with some of those designs. I think it would awesome if you could interview him and ask him how he got started and how does one break into that industry.

  • House of Haute

    Hey Fire!! 😉 I was actually planning on interviewing him, however things were so busy and since I was there shadowing him, I didn’t want to be in considerate. Also his English isn’t yet fluent so it’s a real task. Ahhh….But next time!! I will definitely do so. Just between you and I (and whomever else will read these comments..LOL) I am going over to Milan, Italy for the Big show in March!! YAY!! I will definitely get it done then doll! 🙂 Great suggestions though. THX!

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