Love Sick: A Note to my Brokenhearted Sister

Love Sick

Here are my words for you, Sister. I have your back.
My heart tells me that I love you. My gut tells me that you don’t love me, and probably never will.
My heart pushes me to call you just one more time.
My gut makes me face reality and recognize that if you cared, I’d be on your mind.

My heart keeps me hopeful that you will one day realize how special I am. MY gut urges me to keep moving. The right one, will actually give a damn.
My heart is so strung out over you, that I can’t even think straight. My gut constantly reminds me of the foolish mistakes that I have made.

My heart just really wants nothing more than to be truly loved. My gut reminds me that maybe I should wait for a signal from above.
My heart I think has a mind of it own because I just keep getting hurt. My gut says it’ll happen over and over again until you realize your self WORTH.

Today, I might be lonely. It won’t be this way forever. In the meantime you’ll find me loving myself, being a better mother, preparing myself to be found by greatness.

I am WOMAN…Hear me ROAR!

No Man….. or Woman can define who you truly are. Only your actions and the way “You” perceive yourself can define you. It’s the morals and values that you hold, that in the end will define your character. Let all of the things they called baggage and spoilt goods be the very things that you draw strength from.  Begin to LOVE yourself, and then you’ll easily began to find out just how valuable and precious you really are. Hold your head up gorgeous, I Love You and so does Daddy.

~A Team Haute™ Jewel of Love™

           “Your worth is far above the price of rubies”

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