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NEW! Haute Look of the Day: Daily Blog Post (Starting Today!)

Haute Look of the Day

After little thought, I thought it would be kind of cool to allow you guys to have a closer peak into my little world. Monday through Friday I’m up at a grueling hour of 2:30AM. Getting up that early is no fun at all.. well until I roll into work around 4 that is. So what a better way to brighten my day? Let’s talk FASHION! I’ll go ahead and CROWN MYSELF as the Fashion Queen of Traffic! 😉 No other day more appropriate to get started than on #FF Fashion Friday. Be sure to give your feedback, it’s always helpful. Remember, the new question of the day is: What are you wearing today? 🙂

Friday, December 9, 2011

Layering Action- BCBG Asymmetrical rose color bouse layered on top of an unknown brand Puff Bottom Babydoll style sleeveless top.

Zara Cream Center Lined Leggings

Christian Louboutin Canvas Booties


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