Putting Your Best Face Forward: Why I’m Baring it All

Fresh in the city, with NO makeup
Celebrate Yourself
How often so you take the time to pamper yourself? Not often enough one would imagine. This week is Spa Week, A nationwide celebration of guess who? YOU! Many salons and spas have linked up with to offer general public AMAZING services at greatly reduced prices. Wondering what’s the catch? There isn’t one. The purpose of Spa Week is to benefit both the clients and the service providers. The consumer learns about new treatments and facilities while getting a heck of a deal and the providers have the opportunity to gain more business and new potential clients for life. 
Completely Bare offers specially formulated waxes and topical Lidocaine that makes the usually unbearable treatment tolerable. Is there still pain, yes however the result is till worth it. Waxing is something that I HAD attempted once before, but it was so painful that I never completely either treatment that I went in for. I’m a new believer. I didn’t opt for the Lidocaine (which next time I may) and I still survived. In fact I was so pleased, I then grabbed the next available appointment that day for a full arm wax. This, I LOVED and it wasn’t even on the radar for pain after the Brazilian! 
Fab Spring Color
2nd Stop: Nailicious. Although technically they aren’t apart of Spa Week, I still stopped by to get a manicure and a fresh coat of Shellac. They have the largest selection of colors in Dallas. The gel system allows you to wear jaw dropping colors on your nails without the fear of chipping. Anyone that’s rough on their hands can identify with that issue. 
Facials have never really done it for me; until today. The master esthetician Nazi, completely changed my mindset. From the time you’re greeted at the front desk and escorted to the “Relax Room” until the time you walk out of the door back to your car, you will be in sheer bliss. Not only did I fall asleep, but when I woke up, I had the most refreshing feeling that I’ve had in a very long time. After visiting spas from Europe down to Costa Rica, I have never experienced a facial like the one from V Spa. It’s difficult to imagine that they were offering such an experience for $50 during Spa Week. Also, anytime you get a spa service, you have free rain to use any of the Veranda Club facilities (that’s worth a $50 day pass by itself). My only regret; not making a girls day out of it. 
Today, I find myself sitting on a busy corner at Starbucks in the middle of Uptown, WITH NO MAKEUP! Baring my freshly waxed arms and my glowing fresh face, has turned more heads than I ever have with a full face of makeup. The past couple of days has been incredible for my mind, body and soul. I didn’t realize how much my body was in need of some TLC. I’ve accomplished so much more and have an unusual amount of energy. There are still a couple days left in Spa Week. Don’t miss the opportunity to take FULL advantage of some amazing revitalizing services. Your body is saying, “Pick me. Love Me.” (~Meredith, Grey’s Anatomy).

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