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Shopping for others can be a painstaking task to begin with. Throw in the stress of the Holiday season and you have a recipe for impulsive buying. When shopping impulsively, you tend to over buy, over spend and many times miss out on the very thing you set out to purchase from the beginning. This is usually cased by pushy sales people or the allure of HUGE enticing Sale signs. 
Be cautious
Just because a store has a larger than life Sale sign slapped in the window or on in an email, doesn’t mean that your savings are actually as they appear to be. It’s no secret that many retailers will increase the original price on an item and then mark it down. which means in all actuality, you’re saving only about 5-10% vs. the 30-50%  advertised. Though this would probably be frowned upon by most consumers, it is a common marketing practice that is widely used throughout the industry (while some being more extreme than others). It’s the illusion of saving that draws the consumer near.
All sales are not created equal
Do your research before dropping a few stacks on unnecessary purchases. Find out which stores you’d prefer to shop from. Ask the manager about any special offers that may not be advertised. Get a clear understanding on how the sales works and exactly which items it applies to. You’re guaranteed to find an ad that reads, “70% Off!”. Just be sure sure to read the entire thing; fine print especially. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself standing in line for 30 minutes only to pay full price for most everything. There ARE some really great legit sales out there. You just have to look for them and just because you may be saving 30% vs. the advertised 60 doesn’t mean that you didn’t find a good deal. It’s all in perspective. 
New York & Co.
Current Sales:
New York & Co. is ending their Black Friday Sale today. These prices maybe going away after today, however keep in mind that ALL of the retailers are just getting started. Sales like this one will continue to sporadically appear throughout the shopping season. 
Arden B.‘s “Buy One Get One for $10” sale ends today as well. Sales such as this one can actually be pretty decent if you choose the right items. 
Bebe is also closing out their 2 day sale of “Up to 70% Off“. Be careful of sales written with the words “up to” in them. Usually there is a small select group that is actually deeply discounted whereas most other sale items are actually 20 0r 30% off. Getting clarification will come in handy when shopping a sale like this. The clearance section of some Bebe stores have some really great finds. You have to get in there and dig! 
Happy Shopping Team Haute™!
Contributed By, Toni Duclottni

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  • TJWisdom

    Hi Toni,

    I am doing Kendi’s 30 for 30 challenge where you only choose 30 items of clothing including shoes and you mix and match for 30 days. I thought this would be really hard to do but it’s making me realize that i can remix. Also, part of the challenge is you can’t buy anything for yourself that is for 30 days. So I can’t buy anything right now at least.

    Good post. That is so true that you have to do your research because sometimes a sale is really not a true sale.

  • Otto C. Tucker

    Great information it is certainly important to be wise and cautious regarding shopping for those anazing deals and bargains. That is why I am partial to the shopping & savings Web App I use to help me price compare for the lowest prices. Again this is great information that we all can use.

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