Subscription Club

The Subscription Box Club

Want to show your support for House of Haute and get rewarded in return? Join our monthly Sunglass Subscription Box Club and save up to 80% off retail prices! There are 3 Levels to choose from; Bronze, Silver or Gold starting at only 8.99 per month.


Bronze Plan
A $22 Value
1 Pair of sunglasses per month for $8.99/mo* Up to a $22 Value when you pay retail price (SAVE up to 66% off Retail Prices). Cancel at Anytime*
Bronze Plan w/Standard Shipping $8.99
Bronze Plan w/Priority Shipping $10.99

Silver Plan
A $44 Value
2 Pair of Sunglasses per month for $13.99/mo*  Up to a $44 Value when you pay retail price (SAVE up to 73% off Retail Prices). Cancel at Anytime*
Silver Plan w/Standard Shipping $13.99
Silver Plan w/Priority Shipping $16.99

Gold Plan
A $100 Value (Our Best Value)
2 Pair of Sunglasses and 2 Accessories (including but not limited to Handbags, Jewelry and House of Haute Label Products per month for 22.99/mo*  Up to a $100 Value when you pay retail price (SAVE up to 80% off Retail Prices).
Gold Plan w/Standard Shipping $22.99
Gold Plan w/Priority Shipping $25.99


A Few Things You Should Know:

Standard Shipping is based on standard 1st Class shipping through USPS. Upgrade to USPS Priority Shipping for less than half of what it would cost on an individual order. The preferred frame options let’s us know which frames you prefer. Even though it’s not guaranteed, we will always do our best to send your preferred frame whenever possible depending on available stock.

Thank you for your continued support!

We proudly use PayPal to process your monthly transactions because it’s safe and secure.

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Cancel at Anytime*

* See Subscription Box Club  Terms and Conditions for Cancelation Policy & Information regarding Returns & Exchanges.