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Trendsetting on a Budget

If you’re a diva on a budget, setting trends or recreating those fierce looks off the runway can sometimes seem like a major faux pas when it comes to your wallet. As the seasons and styles change from one runway to the next, staying ahead of the game can be a challenge. Check out these tips below on “Buying Name Brand Without Paying Full Price”.

Buying Name Brand Without Paying Full Price

• Understanding sale cycles: 
NOTE- The best time of the year to find the BIGGEST & BEST sales are during July followed closely by November for the Holiday sales. After you’ve discovered your favorite brands or stores, open your mouth and ask a seasoned associate about their annual and semi-      annual sales and GET ON THEIR EMAIL LIST. Almost EVERY major retailer has at least one. 

Shopping for deals in July is like hitting the Jackpot. If you’re worried about your “find” being a season behind, then you may want to get a really good 2nd job. Keep this in mind. Once you purchase something (especially shoes), it’s typically something you plan on keeping and getting use out of it. Therefore, buying out of season or from a few seasons past, doesn’t mean that you’re out of date. It just means you shop smarter. Don’t be confused though, sometimes you have to buy right away if it’s something that you absolutely just can’t live without or for statement pieces. 
Many times during the larger sales, you’ll find yourself snagging deals upwards of 70% Off! With savings like that, shopping at retailers such as Neimans, Saks and Nordstrom, is no longer out of reach. 
• What to Buy:
The benefit of the July Sale Events is that you can often buy within season. Retailers have to make room for the new Fall inventory. Buy shoes, shoes, shoes, Spring/Summer clothing, and classic basics (they never go out of style). Shoes are a HUGE part of making your look. Invest in good quality shoes if possible. During these super sales, you can always find deep discounts on brands such as Gucci, Louboutin, YSL, Sergio Rossi, Casadei, Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik and so many more. 
Yes $300 may be expensive to some, but in terms of deal finding it’s actually a steal for some brands. Often finding a “salon shoe” for a couple hundred bucks is unheard of, but stick to these rules and you’ll find them over and over again. 

• Department Stores Are Our Friends:
While boutiques can boast some major sales too, Large high end department stores have buying power. This just means they will have more options and have room to slash those prices even lower. 
Neiman Marcus has an AMAZING semi-annual sale in late June & July. It’s be possible and proven that you can take a thousand dollars (including taxes) and purchase $2500 (pre tax) worth of name brand shoes and clothing (brands in this specific case: Alice+Olivia, Theory, Gucci & Casadei). 
-Saks has an outstanding sale as well, but more importantly they feature a fun online thrill called Fashion Fix. Each day a specific group of items are set to go on sale at a certain hour. You must log on right at that given time because other savvy shoppers are racing you to the checkout for these steals. 

 -Norstrom offer a great sale in their shoe departments as well as the many clothing sections. Though high-end, they still offer a variety of price points year round.

Don’t be afraid to venture off to department store outlets such as Last Call by Neiman Marcus, Off Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom Rack. You’ll be surprised of the deals and steals you can find. They often won’t have too many Super Luxe brands available, but you’ll definitely be able to stock up on the mid level tier brands.

• In-Store vs. Online:
Get to know your favorite retailers and their policies well. Buying online is convenient and sometimes presents you with more options. On the other hand, each individual store will have different and unique pieces that you often can’t find online. 
• What NOT To Do Rules:
RULE1 As difficult as it may seem, DO NOT IMPULSE BUY. This is hard enough alone, but trying throwing great sale prices in the mix. Gaining control of that fashion demon that lives within every fashionista is crucial to budget shopping.  
RULE2 Though we LOVE Forever 21 and Targé (Target), you don’t want to build your wardrobe around those pieces. Use goods from those retailers “extend” your wardrobe.
RULE3 Don’t wait until the last minute and expect to find a deal in your size. 
RULE4 Save your money for the larger sales and Don’t waste money on random cheaply made shoes or garments if you don’t have to have them. Spending $40 here and there can quickly add up. Five or six 40 dollar cheap items can equal 1 or 2 quality pieces from a high end clearance sale which can be staples in your wardrobe. 

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll find yourself with a heavier wallet and a chic closet! 

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