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Wearing White After Labor Day

Each year we’re all plagued with the age old ubiquitous question, “Should you wear white after Labor Day?”. For decades this has haunted us all, but does anyone REALLY know exactly how that rule came to be. Did some majesty order it to be done away with or was it an up rising by a group of goth loving early trendsetters? And what EXACTLY does any of it have to do with Labor Day?

If you’re like Ana Pettus, this rule doesn’t apply to you because you live in black year round anyway. Otherwise, keep in mind that rules are made to be broken. Check out the clip below to learn it’s all tied together as well as get some great tips on just how to pull white off after the first Monday in September.

2 thoughts on “Wearing White After Labor Day

  1. 1st of all: great blog. 2nd: the top (or shirt, or dress) you are wearing in this video is GORGEOUS and 3rd: Thanks for the tips, they help a lot when visiting out of Miami because here its summer almost all year long for the past 3 yrs specially and people don;t change wardrobes like they used to. BTW: I love white! its just and adorable feminine color.
    1st time here, following you now :)*

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